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AWA Artists

The artists we serve need up-to-date digital skills both to promote their work and cultivate broader audiences and to stage and stream online performances and exhibitions across the entire range of artistic disciplines, with the ultimate aim of shaping a more inclusive cultural landscape in the post-pandemic world. Our initiative aims to empower participants with a range of tools to promote their work online, from establishing a clear and consistent online presence to building a dedicated community of followers and fellow creators. Workshops will be scaled across a range of needs and skill levels.

AWA Students

For our students, we offer basic instruction in using social media such as Facebook and Instagram in an effective way to connect with audiences and maintain their interest. For those who have mastered social media, we will offer workshops covering more advanced promotional tools, including how to create exclusive content using a subscriber model on sites such as Patreon and Kickstarter. best practices for podcasting and video production. We will focus on proven technologies and platforms to ensure the broadest possible uptake by participants and their audiences.