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The Panel discussion African Music and Poetry/Storytelling Export “Learn about how African Canadian artists can access gigs in Africa and Canada” is made accessible to artists, arts organizations, and stakeholders in the sector for #FREE on Thursday August 26th at 3pm – 4.30 p.m. Eastern Time.

REGISTER HERE: smarturl.it/awapanel

The panel was created in response to overriding obstacles in the export of music by African musicians and singers in Canada.

Guest speakers are experts in the entertainment industry including Lucy Ilado, Jahman Anikulapo, Alex Boicel, Doug Cox and Sonia Aimy.

Panelists and Discussion Highlights:

Lucy Ilado – Music Journalist, Artistic Rights Activist and Researcher at Music in Africa (Kenya)“Booking gigs and international collaborations and partnership”

Alex Boicel – Artist Manager and Presenter at Afro Mondo (Senegal) “Securing international gigs, a booking agent” Jahman Oladejo Anikulapo – Culture Curator, Producer, Communicator; Exec. Prog Director, *Culture Advocates Caucus, CAC*; Prog. Chair, *Committee for Relevant Art, CORA* &; Director *Lagos Book & Arts Festival, LABAF*”Gig opportunities in Africa”

Jahman Oladejo Anikulapo – Culture Curator, Producer, Communicator; Exec. Prog Director, Culture Advocates Caucus, CAC*; Prog. Chair, Committee for Relevant Art, CORA &; Director Lagos Book & Arts Festival, LABAF* “Performance opportunities in Africa”

Doug Cox – Musician, Festival Presenter at Vancouver Island MusicFest (Canada)“Gig opportunities in Canada”

Sonia Aimy – Songwriter/Singer/Actress/Cultural Advocate and Founder at African Women Acting AWA (Canada) “Tips about Accessing funding for producing new work and touring”

There will be entertainment by Amai Kuda, Lamoi and Sonia Aimy which will be screened during the panel for a maximum 10 minutes each for music and 5 minutes for poetry.

AWA is a Pan-African non-profit organization that produces multi-disciplinary art promoting and introducing African artistic expression within the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara Region and beyond, while engaging local youths and adults. AWA’s goal is to work with upcoming and professional African female artists who practice music, dance, theatre, spoken word, film making, literary art, visual art, and multi-media art through mentorship programs and other professional development initiatives and the AWA Festival.

This project is proudly funded by Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada and Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario.

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