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Roxanne Christian, Whitby Trafalgar Castle School alumni, is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. She has over a decade of experience working with physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive needs within district school boards, municipal nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, and other populations within the community. Roxanne is registered and Board Certified through the Certification Board of Music Therapists in the USA and the Canadian Association for Music Therapy. Visit her online at Live Love Life Music were you can see how music therapists are therapists who use music as a tool to facilitate healing, wellness, rehabilitation, and the creative processes. Music Therapy uses music, sound, imagery and movement to promote health and wellness. We use music to work on non musical goals. I am pleased to offer my expertise and show our youth and young adults all the creative ways that music can improve focus, enhance memory, promote healthy expression, increase self worth, regulate mood, and develop musical skills. I would provide hands-on learning culminating in a group performance from the participants who will have take away tools to immediately start managing their emotions and if nothing else, will bring them joy, fun, an increased sense of self worth, and tangible takeaway tools to regulate their mood.

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