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Mariana Djelo Baldé has an enthusiasm for art culture and entrepreneurship. She has 10 years of experience in the performing arts, group animation and support through artistic action. She is a lover of cultural expression who is trained in art therapy. She creates, animates and produces content focused on personal growth in order to maximize the human capital of each and well-being. Through her aspiration and hope, she assists to promote Quebec’s assorted talent internationally. She has a goal to provide the new cohort of artists with other models of success and freedom. Women’s issues are extremely paramount to her, so in 2017 she founded CRI (Comité de réflexion et d’intervention), a committee dedicated to studying and taking action against forbidden civil observations. She also organizes several initiatives including FITAF (Festival Interculturel de Talents Féminins), a multicultural women’s talent festival; the Handi Festival; and FED, a forum for diverse women entrepreneurs. Mariana’s social action has already won her recognition, including by RECOPAC a communication network dedicated to preventing crime; Montreal’s African Fashion Show; and Nuit de l’Excellence afro-atillaise (“Night of Afro-Caribbean Excellence”). She’s an extraordinarily imaginative host, storyteller and speaker who addresses topics like growth, capacity building and empowerment. These portions in her life led her to write her first book, Il est là mon bonheur (“That’s What Happiness Is for Me”). Mariana extracts from the African philosophy of ubuntu, whose pillars are reciprocity, sharing, solidarity, recognition of others, and self-acceptance.

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